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My Parish

I call the members of this church my church familyAnonymous Parishioner 
I love to hear the Word of God, your sermons.  Anonymous Parishioner
Church has always been very important in my life, and when i moved here, the first thing i did was to find a PNCC. Anonymous Parishioner
When I receive the Body and Blood of Christ in Communion, I feel renewed. Anonymous Parishioner
I find peace and feel the presence of our Lord when I attend church. Anonymous Parishioner
Praying together out loud during Mass i believe bonds us with Christ. Anonymous Parishioner
A democratic Church rooted in traditional Catholic doctrine. Parishioner  
A lovely northeast Bethlehem location with a large parking lot. Parishioner
Sunday School available for all ages. Parishioner
A developing bell choir. Parishioner
An open and friendly environment where your new ideas will be welcomed. Parishioner